Thermal Winter Clothing


Warm clothes to help one child survive bitter weather conditions.

Millions of children are facing an incredibly harsh winter without even the most basic supplies. Forced from their home by war or natural disaster, small children are living in makeshift tents with no proper heating or protection from the bitter cold.

Your lifesaving gift can provide a child with a full winter clothing kit to protect them from the cold including a waterproof winter jacket, a sweater, socks, sturdy winter boots, a cosy hat and gloves.

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Miriam (aged 4), was born in a makeshift camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The only home Miriam has ever known is a flimsy tent with no protection from the bitter cold. But with her Child Survival Gift she will be protected from the harsh winter storms.

“This assistance is psychologically more important to us than the physical items themselves.” Said Miriam’s father Zaid. “The fact that people are thinking about us, that people care about us – it means everything”. 

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