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Ireland’s Breastfeeding Rates Worst in the World

UNICEF is concerned about low rates of breastfeeding in Ireland. Though it is proven to be the best way to feed a child, breastfeeding is difficult and women report a lack of support. We spoke to parents.

6 Things You Should Know About Child Malnutrition

1.  Malnutrition is a Leading Cause of Death Saba’s mother comforts her as she is recivies medical care at a UNICEF supported clinic in Yemen.  Saba arrived to the clinic with severe acute malnutrition, fever diarrhoea. | Yemen| 2018 | Almahbash  Every year three million children under the age of five die from undernutrition – … Continued

#VaccinesWork – fighting measles and other deadly diseases

Ulla Kou Griffiths Senior Health & Immunisation Advisor, UNICEF An alarming trend Recently UNICEF and the World Health Organisation released new data that showed 20 million children worldwide, or more than 1 in 10, missed out on lifesaving vaccines for measles, diphtheria and tetanus in 2018. This continues an alarming global trend of stagnating – … Continued

DRC: Ebola Explained

What is Ebola? How is it Spread? What is happening in the DRC? What is UNICEF doing for children?

Doa’a Recovers From Malnutrition

Ongoing conflict in Yemen has had a devastating impact on children's lives, with one in three children at risk from malnutrition. Thanks to our kind supporters, children like Doa'a are…

Children of Cyclone Idai

900,000 children have been affected by Cyclone Idai, which has caused severe flooding in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Aid workers are now reaching isolated areas and fear the number of…

Famine in Yemen: Saba Has Days to Live

Right now, 400,000 children in Yemen are dangerously underweight and suffering from severe acute malnutrition. The ongoing war has caused economic instability and nationwide food shortages leaving the most vulnerable at risk. Saba, and thousands of the children like her, need life-saving therapeutic food, such as plumpy nut and fortified milk, to survive. Read Saba’s … Continued