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Life Among the Rubble: Child Stories From Syria

It’s been more than 100 days since deadly earthquakes struck Syria and Turkey, leaving thousands dead and millions displaced.  Among the most vulnerable are the 3.7 million children in Syria who continue to face desperate conditions and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.  This is their story, told through the eyes of UNICEF-supported mobile … Continued

365 Days of War in Ukraine

February 2023 marks one year since the escalation of war in Ukraine. Since then, a generation of children have experienced 12 months of violence, trauma, cold, and displacement. Children have been killed, injured and forced from their homes. They have missed out on critical education and have been denied their right to safety and peace. … Continued

How Your Gifts Save Lives

Thank you. It is your support that allows UNICEF to provide children with life-saving supplies like health care, food, water and sanitation. It is your support that keeps us on the ground in emergencies. Your gifts have helped us expand our capacity and save children living through conflict and natural disasters. There are more children in … Continued

The Link Between Water Scarcity and Famine

Famine is defined as “an extreme scarcity of food”. Yet increasingly, regions suffering from famine conditions are also suffering from water shortages. Water and sanitation are just as important as food for children facing famine and food insecurity. Continue reading to discover how a lack of clean water and sanitation can turn a crisis situation, … Continued

The Impact of Your Donations

From Ukraine to Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen to 190 countries across the globe, you are making the only difference that matters to millions of children – a life and death one. You are saving lives every single day. Discover the life-saving impact of your donations! Healing in Ukraine In what is the largest humanitarian … Continued

MyLegacy Month 2022

MyLegacy is an organisation that brings charities in Ireland together to raise awareness around the importance of making a Will. This September during MyLegacy month, UNICEF is asking our supporters to consider including a legacy gift in support of vulnerable children in their Will. We have teamed up with two will-writing services to make it … Continued

Nargis’ Story: From Afghanistan to Ireland

My name is Nargis, I’m an Afghan girl born and grown up in Afghanistan.  My family and I were also among the thousands of people who fled Afghanistan almost one year ago. Migration has never been a choice for us, but we had no other option to continue our normal life and just have the … Continued

Hunger Crisis: Millions on the Brink of Famine

2022 has been a year of unprecedented levels of hunger. At least 828 million people now wonder where their next meal will come from. Hunger is the greatest crisis facing developing countries today, with many on the brink of famine. But what is famine? What causes it and how can it be prevented? Continue reading … Continued

Yemen: Ghosson’s Fight Against Malnutrition

For 18 month old Ghosson, her struggle against Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is a story of survival. It is an example of how you can help prevent curable diseases like Severe Acute Malnutrition in Yemen, and across the globe. By providing simple but life-saving supplies to children in dire need, like Ghosson, you can help … Continued

Top Tips for Making a Will

Making a Will is probably one of the most important things you can do. It allows you to take care of your loved ones and share your values by leaving a charitable gift to causes you are passionate about. Yet research would indicate that approximately only 40% of Irish households have written a Will. This … Continued

Ukraine: On the Edge of a Global Catastrophe

Ukraine: On the Edge of a Global Catastrophe The war in Ukraine, conflict, climate and COVID-19  have led to soaring food prices across the world and to a major nutrition crisis. Across the world millions of children are at increasing risk of death. The number of people facing crisis levels of hunger worldwide has more … Continued

Online Ukrainian Resources for Children

Ukrainian children today have witnessed the terrible reality of war. Their childhood is now being spent in fear, hiding in shelters, on the move, or in a new country. It causes great stress not only for children but also for parents and caregivers. As a host to a new family or as a family who … Continued

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