Newborn Kit


Ensure babies get a better start in life by helping their mothers protect them before birth. Mothers will receive HIV testing and tetanus vaccines to protect children from life-threatening diseases that can be contracted during pregnancy or birth.

This gift provides 20 HIV test kits and 100 tetanus vaccines along with 10 packs of lifesaving food.



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Malakal, South Sudan. This newborn baby and his mother Sunday were at the UNICEF supported Maternity ward in the Malakal hospital. Sunday was referred to the Malakal hospital because of complications relating to her first birth of a baby boy. Sunday is very happy now to have a healthy baby. She has both a boy and a girl, this makes her beam with happiness.

Conflict and underdevelopment have plagued South Sudan for decades, leaving its children out of school, malnourished and vulnerable to disease, abuse and exploitation. More than 1 million children are malnourished, including 300,000 severely so and at risk of death.