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First-aid kits and emergency supplies to help mothers and babies in danger.

Help mothers living in crisis situations, like conflict, deliver their babies safely.

Every day, millions of children and their families are forced from their homes by conflict or disaster.

In Ukraine right now, every single minute, 55 children have fled their country. A Ukrainian child has become a refugee almost every single second since the start of the war.

Getting emergency aid to them as quickly as possible is essential to their survival.

This gift is a life-saving pack that contains a first-aid kit, hygiene supplies, PPE, oral rehydration salts, Polio vaccines, a scale and clean drinking water to protect mothers and babies in need.

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Yuliya holds her newborn baby, Vera, while resting in the basement of Kyiv’s Regional Perinatal Centre. “We’re sitting here in the basement, we’ve been crying,” Yuliya says. “It’s terrifying to see smoke and shelling. We’re doing everything we can to save our children, our futures.”

She walked for two days, from her home outside the capital, to give birth safely. “I had to travel across fields and through forests. But thanks to God and the doctors, I now have a baby and I’m still alive.” She says, “I just want us all to stay alive … I want peace.”

Thanks to gifts like this one, UNICEF is providing urgent medical equipment and supplies to maternity and children’s hospitals across Ukraine.

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