Therapeutic Milk


8 sachets of powdered milk to treat malnourished children.

Poor nutrition during a child’s first one thousand days of life can be fatal. It can lead to stunting and affect cognitive abilities.

UNICEF’s therapeutic milk is powdered milk that contains all the essential vegetable fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that a malnourished child needs.

This special gift will provide 8 sachets of 400gsm milk to help children regain their strength and recover.

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Little Sahia (2), drinks a milk formula at the UNICEF supported Nutritional Center in Matameye, Niger. She is suffering from severe malnutrition. After being treated for a few days she is now on the way to recovery and will get back on her feet soon.

In Niger 42% of children are currently stunted, and malnutrition remains a big concern. But thanks to generous donors, UNICEF have been able to scale up nutrition services in many health facilities and support many children like Sahia.

For Every Child Nutrition.

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