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Education is a human right denied to many children growing up in poverty. With only €10 you can provide a child with 20 exercise books and 4 boxes of pencils and form an essential part of a child’s schooling.

The deceptively simple pencils and exercise books give children the chance to put their thoughts and ideas on paper — a blank slate to dream about a brighter future.

You can open the page to a brighter future. This gift supplies a child with the school essential to help transform their lives.



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Learning to write for some, it’s easy, inspiring, and fun! For others, it’s difficult and a chore.
Writing might look simple enough to adults, but it’s a lot of work.
It helps to have the right tools, a notebook and a pencil to write each letter and word correctly.
It’s simple yet fundamental. Education is a powerful tool, your help makes it possible.

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