Special Family Survival Gift Box


Lifesaving food, clean water, medicine and blankets for families in need.

Save lives with a gift that matters.

Your Special Family Survival Gift Box will provide families in danger with the simple but powerful supplies they need to survive and keep their children safe.

Your box contains two warm thermal blankets to keep children warm this winter, a first aid kit, 20 sachets of emergency food to fight malnutrition, 110 water purification tablets – enough to clean 1,100 litres of water, 50 bags of oral rehydration salt, 20 doses of Polio vaccine and, 10 doses of Measles vaccine to protect children from deadly but preventable diseases.

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Doua Samhat, her husband and her two daughters, have lost everything during the blast in Beirut, Lebanon. Unable to go back home Dous walked for days on the streets seeking help.

“I’m from the south of Lebanon, and I remember the traumas of the civil wars, but I’ve never felt fear like this”, she says.

Too many children around the world are in danger as a result of conflicts or natural disasters. To protect children against malnutrition and serious diseases, vaccines, emergency food and clean water play a central role in ending preventable child deaths.

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