Soap & Clean Water Emergency Kit


10,000 litres of clean water and 40 bars of soap. 

In a health crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to stop the spread of the virus as soon as possible.

In these emergencies soap and clean water, are the most important supplies a family need to be protected from the virus.

With this powerful gift, you can help prevent children and their families to die from preventable diseases.

This emergency kit will provide four 10-litre water containers, two 14-litre buckets, 40 bars of soap of 110 grams and 20 packets of water purification tablets of 50 tablets enough to provide 10,000 litres of clean water.

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“I wash my hands so germs don’t get on them. Germs can make people sick or even kill them”. Dareen, 6 years, is taking part in a handwashing demonstration organised by UNICEF in Al Khader primary school in Jordan.

Only 33 percent of public schools in Jordan have access to basic sanitation facilities. There is a huge need to improve toilets and sanitation in particular for girls and children with disabilities.

Since the emergency of the coronavirus as a global pandemic, thanks to the generosity of people like you, UNICEF has procured emergency supplies like safe water, soap, hygiene kits, and other critical life-saving services to vulnerable children like Dareen living in refugee camps.

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