Hygiene Survival Box


Lifesaving soap, clean water, masks and gloves for a family in need.

For many children around the world disease outbreaks like Coronavirus will cause untold pain and devastation.

Getting emergency aid to them and their families as quickly as possible is essential to their survival.

Your Hygiene Survival Box will provide two 10-litre water containers, one 14-litre bucket, 12 bars of soap, 600 water purification tablets, 2 bottles of hand sanitiser and 2 digital thermometers.

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In DRC alone, since the emergency of the coronavirus as a global pandemic and thanks to the generosity of people like you, UNICEF has procured over 3 million emergency supplies like safe water, soap, hygiene kits, and other critical life-saving services to vulnerable children like Shabani, while providing 576 health facilities with essential WASH services.

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