Hunger Survival Kit


Fight hunger with emergency food and 50 child malnutrition testing kits.

Millions of vulnerable children have faced years of conflict, hunger, deadly diseases and now COVID-19. For those caught up in some of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, every day is a battle for survival.

This year alone, an additional 6.7 million children under the age of five could be dangerously undernourished. A rapid response is crucial to reach the most vulnerable.

This powerful gift will be a life-saver. It will provide malnourished children with 60 bags of micronutrient powder, 3 packs of therapeutic milk, 20 bags of emergency food, 4 packs of high energy biscuits fortified with vitamins, 50 sachets of oral rehydration salts and 50 child malnutrition tests – the best way to spot malnutrition in children, and save their lives.

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Right now, 330,000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition in Yemen and have just days to live.

One-year-old Amani from Yemen is receiving therapeutic food after being diagnosed with malnutrition by one of UNICEF’s mobile medical team.

She was so weak that she couldn’t even move. But thanks to a kind gift from people like you, Amani’s life was saved just in time. Simple solutions like fortified milk and peanut paste can really save lives.

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