Babies Clothing Kit


You can give a child the gift of warmth this winter.

Right now, millions of children are facing an incredibly harsh winter without even the most basic supplies. Forced from their home by war children are living in flimsy tents with no proper heating or protection from the bitter cold.

Your lifesaving gift can provide a baby with a full winter clothing kit to protect them from the cold. Each kit contains a waterproof winter jacket, a sweater, socks, sturdy winter boots, a cosy hat and gloves.



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One year-old baby Rukaia fled eastern Aleppo with her parents and four siblings. The family is now staying at a former warehouse turned into a shelter in Jibreen, on the outskirts of Aleppo. With dropping temperatures, parents are struggling to keep their children warm.

Rukaia, along with 5,000 other children in shelters just received new winter clothes. Each winter kit contains a wool hat, scarf and gloves, a winter jacket, trousers, sweater, socks, shoes and thick pyjamas.

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