Nutrition Package


Good nutrition is the bedrock of child survival, health and development. Well-nourished children are better able to grow and learn, to participate in and contribute to their communities, and to be resilient in the face of disease, disasters, and other global crises.

This survival gift provides 300 small bags of 1gsm each of micronutrient powder, 20 packs of therapeutic milk and 20 bags of peanut-based life-saving food and gives a malnourished child all the vital vitamins, minerals and food he needs to survive and grow healthy.



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Maria John, 2, who has been diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition, drinks a ration of therapeutic milk, which is rich in nutrients and easy to digest, at a UNICEF supported inpatient stabilization centre in Al Sabbah Children’s Hospital, South Sudan. When Maria was first admitted to the inpatient centre she weighed just over 6 kilograms.

Malnutrition contributes to one-third of all preventable child deaths. Every year, around 3 million children die due to undernutrition. For millions more, chronic malnutrition will result in stunting – an irreversible condition that literally stunts the physical and cognitive growth of children.

Thanks to your help, we can change this! Please buy a survival gift now.