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Charity Christmas Gifts  

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Give a Life-Saving Gift This Christmas

This winter, millions of children will face a Christmas like no other. In Yemen, 325,000 children are suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition, the most serious form of malnutrition.

They are desperately ill and barely clinging to life. Starved of energy, their little bodies fight to stay alive.

Unless we get help immediately, thousands of children who are dying of hunger in Yemen simply won’t make it to Christmas.

Supporters like you are the only chance these children have now. A sachet of high-calorie peanut paste is all that’s needed to keep a child alive.

A gift of a Christmas Family Survival Gift Box, will provide families in danger with all the simple, but powerful, supplies they need to survive and keep their children safe.

Your Christmas box contains two warm thermal blankets, a first aid kit, 20 sachets of peanut paste to fight malnutrition, 110 water purification tablets – enough to clean 1,100 litres of water, 50 bags of oral rehydration salt, 20 doses of Polio vaccine and, 10 doses of Measles vaccine to protect children from deadly but preventable diseases.

malnourished child crawling on floor
Little Arwa is one of 325,000 children in Yemen who are suffering from the most dangerous form of malnutrition of all. Without help, they will not be alive by Christmas.

Christmas Family Survival Gift Box

Your Special Family Survival Gift Box will provide families in danger with the simple but powerful supplies they need to survive and keep their children safe.

Protect Syrian Refugees From Harsh Winter Conditions

In Syria, children are facing freezing temperatures this winter, with no way of keeping warm.

Without blankets and warm clothes, children will struggle to survive the bitter cold. For children living in flimsy tents and bombed-out buildings without blankets or warm clothes, this winter will be devastating.

A gift of a Winter Clothing Kit will keep a child warm and protected from illness this winter.

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