Charity Christmas Gifts 

Give the gift of warmth and safety
to children in need this Christmas

Give the Gift of Warmth This Christmas

Syrian children are facing freezing temperatures this winter, with no way of keeping warm.

Without blankets and warm clothes, children will struggle to survive the bitter cold. For children living in flimsy tents and bombed-out buildings without blankets or warm clothes, this winter will be devastating.

Hypothermia and respiratory illnesses, like pneumonia, are a real threat to the most vulnerable children.

A gift of a Winter Clothing Kit will keep a child warm and protected from illness this winter.

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Protect Babies Throughout the World

This Christmas, give the gift of a better future for babies across the world.

Ensure babies and their mothers are protected before birth, by purchasing a Child Survival Gift.

Your special gift will provide polio vaccines, life-saving food, therapeutic milk, and medical equipment to help protect newborns and mothers.

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